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tv   News  RT  January 11, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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these guys get these. headlines on r.t. international wiki leaks julian assange being granted an ecuadorian id card but the country's push to resolve his case is reportedly being met with resistance from the u.k. government. a new u.n. report says iraqi refugees are being forced to return home by the country's security services to areas that are still deemed dangerous. team from suing the people behind the infamous trump dossier that's after the release of an interview with one of the men behind the file an alleged collusion with russia we discussed the issue with. a russian attorney who is mentioned in the interview and who is accused of being a broker between moscow and. moscow
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almost you're watching our international thank you. and your development in the julian assange case the wiki leaks co-founder has been granted an ecuadorian id card as a step towards ending his five year confinement in ecuador's london embassy r.t. correspondent anastasio has details the mystery of what happens next in this ever complicated tricky and internationally spanning case of julian assange really continues with some developments trickling in this evening here in london where we are in fact outside the ecuadorian embassy and some of the confusion of some of the reports that have been coming out seems to be stemming from first of all it tweets that julian assange had posted on his twitter page wearing a t. shirts with the ecuadorian national colors parking lots of debate and questions online about whether or not the. could potentially mean that he has either has been
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or is on his way to being granted citizenship those questions of course are yet to be specifically answered by either julian assange himself the founder of wiki leaks or ecuadorian officials what we do know so far is some sort of national ecuadorian identification number which is easily seen on the ecuadorian web site where this particular number coincides with his full name now the question used for him to apply for a quick dorian citizenship or somehow changed his status when it comes to this very complicated case that has now spans over several years what we do know as this comes following earlier statements from the ecuadorian foreign minister saying that it's really time to move on with his case let's take a listen with a person can't live in those conditions forever. considering the option of mediation with this intercept that could be done virus that country or individual.
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no solution is possible without international corporations or without that if the u.k. wishes expressed interest in finding one well there are lots of questions now about who this potential mediator could be because obviously when it comes to the complications of julian assange being able to actually step out of this embassy behind us revolves largely on what his status is in the u.k. but so certainly lots of questions we're going to obviously be watching this very closely in terms of what is this going to mean for sandra status not just within ecuador but potentially his case beginning to move forward a little bit more. on top of that the u.k. foreign office has reportedly denied a request from ecuador to grant a diplomatic immunity he asked the foreign office to comment on the situation but so far we have received no comment if a son steps out from the embassy he potentially faces arrest for breaching bail in the u.k. as well as possible extradition to the u.s.
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let's discuss this further now i'm joined by klug stukely a wiki leaks supported joining us here in our international good to see you today how big of a deal is this i julian assange. well i can definitely help but unfortunately is as you just reported that britain has denied his diplomatic status request which would have definitely made things a lot easier for him to step outside and to leave london in the u.k. . but i think that ecuador and the u.k. are starting to at least have a conversation which only gives me some hope that there will be a resolution soon why why now assad has been holed up in this embassy for five years why is ecuador taking these steps now. well i think ecuador has been trying to find every solution possible to help julian get
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out is been detrimental to his health it's been detrimental to the work that wiki leaks does and and also you know i have to assume that it's not good for ecuador's relations with the u.s. the u.k. and even sweden. but as you reported you know sweden has dropped its investigation completely the u.n. panel has said that it was completely arbitrary and unlawful detention and so and that's been going on for almost two years now but they've said that and for this to continue on is only costly for the london police departments and is futile it's there's no good reason that it seems now that the only reason that they would continue to. you'll keep
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a songe in the embassy is for fear that he would be extradited to the u.s. there's definitely been no guaranteed by the u.k. that there would be any kind of. free passage out of the embassy and so until that happens you know songes going to stay safe there. and so you know this is got to come to an end at some point i mean i think it's about i think it's fair to say i mean how many years exactly that as you say five and a half years he's been holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london and we now have ecuadorian officials saying we would be interested in some sort of mediation here and we'll get around a table and try and discuss some sort of resolution if indeed ecuador as it appears to be is trying to help us on just a result of his situation why is the u.k. foreign office is supposedly putting up these roadblocks. well i think it's because they've been beholden to the us i think that you know they have been
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the ones to put up all the roadblocks the whole way through like you said and i think that's because they want to maintain this diplomatic relationship with the u.s. even under the trumpet ministration which is quite surprising and trump is definitely made no guarantee that the grand jury investigation against wiki leaks of songe is dropped even though the trump during his campaign claim to love wiki leaks and so all of this seems very hypocritical it seems like they're kind of using it as some kind of diplomatic currency and. it just seems to this point that the u.k. is breaking. the law it's going against what the u.n. has said and. i hope you know not only is the songe able to get out at some point but i hope that he gets some kind of financial restitution for this because it's
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gone on way too long and stuff really been something that. you don't see in any other case and analyst and wiki leaks support a clock joining us live here on r.t. international thanks so much for your time today we appreciate it thank you. right . now iraqi security services are forcing refugees to leave and return to their homes despite these being an unsafe and areas that's according to a new report by the un refugee agency and says more than thirteen thousand families were forced back to these dangerous zones and those who returned faced a number of problems from tribal conflicts to booby traps left by fleeing islamic state fighters the report also says at least fourteen return needs have been killed and we spoke to people in one refugee camp about their fears of returning home.
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we moved to this camp three years ago we don't want to return to our home yet we're afraid of tribes the houses are destroyed we have no place to live the fields away that houses a looted in the wise a torn out of the bull's miss lots of booby traps five days ago our neighbors there started a fire to warm some water something went off and now that kids are in hospital it's so scary that. there are very few people from a village or a tonne there's nothing left that no electricity and water supply doesn't work we may return in the future but only when the area will be school from living. two point six million internally displaced people at this point recently interviewed
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internally displaced this is not counting iraqis outside their country and many of them being forcibly returned to places they don't want to go to that they don't think are safe if your home is rubble and there are corpses lying in the streets and there are explosives and minds and improvised explosive devices littering your former home no you shouldn't be compelled to return that's not humanitarian aid that's further humanitarian abuse the allegation seems widespread in iraq that the prime minister is seeking to get sunni's back to their homes to allow an election to proceed this parade is so p.r. is taking precedence over substantive aid to human beings
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both within iraq and with. the iraqi prime minister has denied that refugees are being forced to return to unsafe areas he says it's all misinformation spread by his political rivals. and another twist in the stateside russia saga donald trump's lawyers say they intend to sue the people behind the infamous dossier on alleged collusion with russia a softer a transcript of an interview with glenn simpson one of the men behind the dossier was made public his group fusion g.p.s. commissioned a report on the alleged russia trump ties and some republicans say it led to the whole f.b.i. investigation despite containing salacious details the trump himself describes as fake news a large part of simpson's testimony is devoted to the meeting of trump jr with a russian lawyer one of the key moments for those who support the russian collusion the theory ati's even if down the lawyer it's hollywood as only to discuss these
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latest details. who's night are on the eve you've known the person behind this testimony glenn simpson for quite a while now tell us more about how your relationship came about because. we met for the first time in twenty fifteen during my first visit to the united states before that we exchanged e-mails we were introduced by lawyers who were hired in new york to represent our client a russian businessman he plays in a case initiated by the notorious mr browder in twenty thirty and during our corporation and he showed excellent information gathering and analytical skills including the ability to distinguish truth from gossip about and i was very excited about reading the testimony he delivered back in august early while this long document almost three hundred pages covers two different topics the first is the so-called travelers here the second is about his relations with me when last year i found out about the connection of glenn simpson to the tram does here i could
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hardly believe it. was the champ car curve mentioned a discrepancy between the quality of simpson's work that you used to and the quality of the in from a strong dossier why did simpson allow something like that to come out under his name. the trunk goes here is an anonymous report if people who had been working on it did not admit that publicly he would have never known the authors of the report is not what raises questions is that the sources are not named why did words by unnamed and unverified sources form a basis for an investigation conducted by at least four different government bodies of the united states not only does this investigation distract politicians from real issues but it is also wasting taxpayers' money it focuses on many different things well failing to establish who actually said them. through this mueller was his ago off going back to simpson's testimony some media outlets have pointed out his account of events contradicts us regarding whether or not you two met in. two
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thousand and sixteen did that meeting take place after. his ago my written testimony to the senate i stated that i did not meet glenn simpson that day on june ninth look at his own testimony he says i'm not sure but this statement is not treated as completely affirmative on the ninth of june twenty sixth i attended two important events in new york on the day the us court of appeals for the second circuit held a hearing on mr brough this case he demanded our lawyers withdraw from the case after they called for him to be questioned and there was the main reason why i came to new york later that day i had a meeting with trump jr i asked him to look into this case and to encourage congress to investigate mr broder's actions to aim at manipulating public institutions in the united states simpson worked in our team for my russian client also happened to be connected to the tram dosia the congressman investigating the
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case are obsessed with this date because they hoped to prove i had a meeting with glen simpson that day and discussed the meeting with drum junior assuming that my main goal was to blackmail don't trump. has just mentioned bill browder who's also mentioned by simpson he was an investor in russia and later was accused of masterminding a large scale tax evasion scheme his attempts to lobby against russia was one of the main talking points between us on its journey here. because go to. remember to keep points disclosed in the memo besides the russian trump collusion of course bill browder simpson slams the former businessman on several occasions accusing him of being obsessed with russia while being actively implicit in tax avoidance schemes and money laundering and you give us your judgment on the situation. but all that but much of the us broder is obsessed with russia he's tied to russia not only by his desire for revenge but also mentally here in
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russia he. married to a russian woman he has half russian children his ties to russia strong as mine after all his crimes he should be grateful to russia for not throwing him behind bars while he was still possible was. a condition as to a board of. withstanding the gravity of the allegations mr brown has testified before the u.s. congress during the summer of twenty seven mainly talking about religion a complicated collusion. mr rather you have given us the first an insight into putin's russia you may have done more to fight corruption worldwide than any other individual and i appreciate what you have done thank you for uncovering the facts and i'm sure how i can tell it's difficult to talk about the life and tragic death of your friend and someone who is your colleague i want to join my colleagues and thanking you for being here today and admiring your courage and tenacity.
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perceptional mr browder change for the publication of simpson's testimony. i don't want to sound naive but i really hope this hysteria will end with a victory for common sense to me because i knew that i knew all this time people like simpson and browder got congress through time while the person accused of being involved in the alleged collusion scheme never got any on this forum because . i submitted a written testimony to congress where unsorted one hundred seventy four questions after studying the testimony members of congress were supposed to make a decision on whether to subpoena me to testify in person so far no such subpoena has been issued i don't know the reason but if i were to speculate i would assume that the answer is i might would not suit their interests. as r.t. international thank you for joining us so far still to come the british army is trying to appeal to a more diverse range of people to counter a decline in work so that's in your mix of your wild stories in just
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a mum. seems wrong. when old rules just don't hold. any. get to shape out these days comes to active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. this is an amazing story because they were say religio political impact of but going on a g. twenty country g seven countries japan actually the spending power of the culture the rise of big going in the millions of people have been buying it in japan and the multi billion dollars that they've appreciated in value is causing a genuine effect in their economy and this is going to be the year twenty eight
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where bitcoin cryptocurrency savage's geo political influence. it is good to have you with us today the british army is trying to keep up with the times by recognizing that its soldiers have emotional needs here's a look at how the new approach compares with the. i think not only are going to. the wall but. the larger they mean the more you all are. told that. there's always someone there to talk to. even just me.
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the british army it is part of a campaign to attract a more diverse range of recruits he can see the new ads compared with much older ones a former u.k. intelligence officer philip ingram says he doesn't hold out much hope that the more inclusive approach will end up boosting recruit numbers. was quite surprised to see these videos that are coming out i do understand that there's been market research done suggesting that they should target more minority groups but if they can't recruit enough people from the majority groups that the british military have traditionally recruited from i don't see what the senses and targeting of these minority groups but i think the whole program the advertising campaign is flawed because they're spending an awful lot of money on this because the british army spent until september last year ten million pounds on its recruiting come pins but one. piece of press from the not looking after one of the veterans or one of
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the current serving soldiers is enough to undo the ten million pound company and the best people to recruit are the soldiers themselves and if they can come up with positive stories to say what it is that they've achieved their academic achievements their training achievements the adventurous activities that they get involved in the team spirit that they build up and then they can take that and reflect whenever they come back into society again and as veterans and veterans come out with a good experience of not just how they've. but looked after when ever they served but how that set them up to go into civilian life. is the number one threat to democracy in europe and the u.s. that's according to a new report published by u.s. senate democrats it took more than a year for its authors to compile the two hundred page document the report collects
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the most frequently voiced allegations against russia everything from political assassinations to state sponsored doping and cyber attacks of course it also contains a wide range of proposals aimed at protecting american democracy from alleged russian meddling for example that proposes the creation of an international coalition to deal with any interference from moscow and suggests spending millions of dollars to help europe and eurasia protect themselves and we discussed this report with political analyst charles will tell you it's really shameful it's fake accounting of history it's not objective it doesn't really have a proper context and i think serious objective people when they look at this and they try to weigh up the various ways in which we could spend money this won't be one i don't think that that committee reflects. the will of the american people or even indeed the will of congress i think democrats tend to vote as a block in this this report which must have been in preparation for many months is
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yet another tool really used to continue to sell you know the anti russian and there are to have an end to sell the russian collusion delusion when a new senate is seated perhaps with a stronger republican trop led majority you're going to see very different reports coming out of the committee. police in vienna have charged three men with provocation for waving an israeli flag and pro palestinian demonstrators the rally in december was in response to donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel now the israeli activists deny they were being provocative claiming they only. juice their flag having anti semitic abuse hurled at them. and . it all started with slogans in english like down down usa or down down israel then we heard them shouting intifada child murder israel and death to israel the president of the belgian league against anti-semitism says action should have been
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taken against the pro palestinian demonstrators both front police a they should arrest the people in. the months russian work meeting slogans we saw so frightened into those last weeks and months in europe following the direction of u.s. president on the now regarding terrorism and. even more for those last few hours in several european countries in. brussels and other places in cope and it's working because there were jews we are facing a violent wave of the semitic actions and even two killings of jews in europe today more of a worldwide news headlines in about thirty minutes. if
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i get. when you don't. get a court you need. to be. made. to know. said. claiming to know.
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that. you speak french. you. continue. unfortunately it appears that once people learn that you reported in a sexual assault or may have been involved in an incident that they become scared of you instead of being scared of the perpetrator. welcome to maximize your financial survival. yonks this is what happens to pensions in britain. watched as a report. welcome
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to all the party is the term crowdsourcing was coined almost a decade ago the phenomenon has expanded from the now problem solving into a new way of life for millions of people who rely on it to learn a foreign language or to find a better driving with sitting individually tailored services in exchange for that one data point how far can this energy between customization and data collection can go into shaping our world well to discuss that i'm now joined by lou's fund on fuel and volunteer all of the free language application dual lingo mr fun and is great to talk to you thank you very much for your time i thank you for having me here
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a few years ago when i would tell people i'm self-taught and i wish there would be pretty impressed the but unfortunately you know the name or the application you how to develop allows pretty much everybody to learn a foreign language without physical interaction with a human being don't you think that language and structure is the hating you for that because you're. doing the employment no no fortunately where we're not hated by language and structure is there actually love us in the united states for example about fifteen percent of all language classrooms used to a lingo. it is still the case that that a human teacher helps to motivate a lot it's very hard one of the hardest things about learning a language by yourself it is possible to learn a language by yourself with the application but it's very hard to stay motivated but on some level i feel you're providing the kind of service that no teacher can provide and i think because think about your technology is that it marries assignments with instantaneous progress evaluation. no all teacher could provide
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that kind of precise feedback to his students right yeah there are many things that we actually think that teachers and doing a combined are better teachers you know one of the big pros with teachers especially in a classroom is there's one teacher and there's maybe thirty students or twenty students and they cannot provide feedback to everybody and this is one of the great things about dealing with that it provides immediate feedback through each for each person it's personal i so so that's great but you know a lot of times you may have a question that a teacher is better at answering or also keeping you motivated is a big big things are i think the combination of the two is most most useful i know that when you were embarking on creating you read a bunch of books on b. fieri a fly with your position to figure out for example whether the cheek blue rules before adjective so by first sound you altimetry ended up running those tests on your own users i wonder how does the language learning reality differ from the language learning theory it differs a lot with that's one of the things we have found before before i started the lingo
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i read a lot of books about how to best teach a language and i realised that a lot of them contradict each other usually is because they're not based on much data they're just based on somebody else you know one person's method or something so what we did is we launch to a lingo and then because we have we have hundreds of millions of students we can watch them learn and and because we can watch them learn we can find better ways to teach that a lot of times are not what what people are using in classrooms for example when teaching in english a lot of classrooms in many countries in the world teach the pronouns the personal pronoun pronouns like he she you they also teach the one that's it that one's much harder for a lot of people so one of the things we started doing with dylan was when we teach the personal pronouns we don't teach that when we teach or much of.


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